Topo Survey Plan

Topographical Surveys

Are you in need of a reliable, attentive topographical survey company in Auckland?

Affordable Mobile Surveyors Limited partners with clients throughout the wider Auckland area to deliver comprehensive accurate data, which gets projects off to a good start.

If your needs extend beyond topographical surveying, we also provide services of boundary staking, setting out for fencing, and more to account for the intricacies of your project. We attend to the vision of our clients, working with excellent communication to ensure your values and perception of your ideal project are understood by our team throughout the process.

Partnering with us for a topo survey plan is an excellent choice to jumpstart your project. The topographical surveys we deliver expertly and comprehensively describe the characteristics of your site features, plotting boundaries, identifying relevant legal interests like easements & covenants, and offering detailed reports of natural and artificial features relevant to your development project.

By contacting a member of our team, we will arrange site visits where required to offer precise and honest results for your land surveying, topographic survey and more.


The components of a topographic survey plan


We have considerable experience with comprehensive topographical surveys, servicing the greater Auckland area for over 35 years. Offering incredible topographical services to meet client expectations effectively requires our team to get your designers started with tailored accurate data facilitating the progress of the project.

Topographical surveys we conduct provide plans that your team can employ to identify position and height including land contours and natural features of the land. We account for the artificial features placed in your area and observe the critical levels of your site relative to a recognised height datum. The footprints of existing buildings, visible roof and gutter/eave positions and levels are usually incorporated in the survey and existing site plan. We conduct topographical surveys at the start of each project to ensure you are backed up by base data throughout every phase.

The components of our topographic survey are applicable from simple to complex residential properties to large developmental areas, applying technical information to our reports while ensuring our clients understand our data. In addition, using our previous surveys experience, we can serve clients with tailored proposals whether they need topographical surveys to be enacted on their whole property or part, with or without existing buildings or additional features.

Benefits of partnering with us for your next project

In partnering with our team, we will attend to the needs of an upcoming project by delivering comprehensive reports for your site while communicating well with clients during our partnership. Our excellent, involved communication has been praised by our past clients, through which we retain their original vision for the project and understand the elements they favour.

By using modern equipment for each land survey, our topographic survey data is consistently delivered with relevant accurate measurements, ensuring you can be confident that our services will empower the rest of your design process. Our tested measurement equipment is employed throughout our services, from the residential boundary identification to topographical surveys and beyond.


What we survey through our topographical planning

Our topographic surveys deliver a detailed understanding of the mapped contour lines for your site, recognising the above -ground or where possible certain readily available under-ground features existing on your property, such as roads, buildings, vegetation, services and more. We realise that the needs of every project vary, customising our techniques for the characteristics of your site.

The architects and engineers you partner with for the next stage of the planning process require the work we perform, using our data to effectively plan the project without unexpected land features halting your process. Additionally, during our time in the industry, we have developed strong connections with local architects, builders and engineers, learning how clients and professionals receive our data and delivering our reports appropriately to ensure everyone is involved and informed.

Partnering with you to effectively catalyse your vision

Clients partner with us as projects begin, seeking to gain comprehensive data for their landscape features to begin formatting plans for the following project stages, and arranging for architects and engineers to start working.

Committed to complete servicing

Being committed to servicing your site is the core focus of our team, where we seek to be a one-stop shop for various topographical surveys for residential, commercial, industrial, or semi-rural surveying. We conduct surveys that consistently go above and beyond traditional surveying methods, maintaining our techniques and skills to adapt to modern surveying needs and responding to the influence of technology on the land surveying profession.

We have established lasting relationships with customers, working with them to service regular projects for years with accuracy and honesty.

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