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Site Boundary Line

Have you been looking to partner with a surveyor to determine your existing site boundary line effectively? Our Affordable Mobile Surveyors Limited team has serviced clients throughout wider Auckland for over 35 years.

We are 100% New Zealand-owned and operated, delivering a range of services for our customers and consistently maintaining our equipment and skills to adapt to modern survey techniques, providing accurate effective solutions.

Look no further than Affordable Mobile Surveyors Limited when you are beginning a new project, as we partner with clients to catalyse their plans into action.

Acting as the first step for residential, commercial, industrial, and semi-rural projects, we make it easy for you and the builder, architect or engineer to understand the boundary location.

Affordable Mobile Surveyors are a close-knit, growing team of land surveyors who aim to present cost-effective service for our diverse range of clients Auckland-wide.


For example, our boundary line set out or staking accurately defines or depicts on the ground


The existing boundary or a proposed baseline shown on a plan. In addition, we can survey and provide a plan or report of the position of on-site features relative to boundary lines to assist in making an informed decision for your project early in the process.

When you connect with our team, we will act swiftly to service your needs, whether for a residential boundary staking survey, commercial land, industrial, or even some rural properties. Please take note of our client testimonials to see how effortless we make communication with our team, through which we can effectively begin your process, where we answer your project needs with expert advice and keen attention to detail.

Staking Your Property

In staking your property boundaries, we will physically accurately mark the boundary angles of your site with extra intermediate points where required. Our boundary marking is an effective service as it allows you to find the exact property line, viewing exactly where your property land starts or ends. Moreover, we act with close attention to the survey regulations so that you can be confident of the results.

The staking of a property boundary is usually concluded before property purchase or dividing, improving, or building on your land. So, feel free to contact us if you intend to initiate a project or purchase.

A full range of services

The required resources, knowledge and equipment are delivered by each member of our team when it comes to land surveying, topographical surveys, boundary-staking and more, meeting the needs of every survey task.

Should you need an understanding of your property parcel dimensions, a recognition of visible or below-ground obstacles, the measurements of a land structure or more, we will be on hand to service your site with our expertise and experience.


Responsible, Reliable, Experienced Team

While we are committed to providing affordable, and speedy servicing for your property, our team always conducts our surveying with accuracy and precision in mind, ensuring our data is as exact as possible and we deliver honest, open, and reliable advice.

Should we partner with you, we ensure that we advise you with the knowledge produced through our extensive experience, empowering our clients to make informed decisions aligned with their original vision.

Boundary line identification and redefinition

By identifying and staking your site boundary line, you can have a visible marker that defines the dimensions of your space. This process can be helpful if you are proposing fencing or planning to install new structures in the area while giving you an accurate measurement of your land when beginning a project.

Our boundary line surveys combined with the topographical or contour surveys enacts to measure the entire dimensions of the section, with relative levels or heights to establish base data that can be used throughout the following stages of the project.

Expertise and Experience

Where our team excels is in our vast experience working to survey Auckland properties. We have been in business since 2005 and have team members who have been working in the industry for over 35 years. Our goal, to provide honest, accurate data-driven work to better the properties of our Auckland customers, has been maintained to this day. Additionally, we have consistently improved our skills and equipment to keep up with technology and intellectual advancements.

While we work to brief clients on the basic principles of surveying, our techniques and equipment allow us to back up our theory with the accuracy that only technology and experience can enable.

Look no further than Affordable Mobile Surveyors.

Search no further than our team at Affordable Mobile Surveyors Limited, and message us today at or by texting 021 620 453 or calling 09 828 8656. In addition, for your convenience, we have established an online messaging system that allows you to fill out a form and send it in, and we will get back to you in no time.