We Can Help You With The Following:

( Cadastral Survey Work Is Not Carried Out by Us At This Stage).


Topographical Survey and Prepare Site Plan

We will search the relevant survey data, visit the site, carryout the necessary field work, prepare the Existing Site Plan with contours and send electronic copies in PDF and Auto Cad DWG formats with relevant property data.


Boundary Staking/Set Out for Fencing or Locating Existing Features

Stakes or similar markers are provided on the required Boundary Line(s) or as offsets for Fencing or Locating Existing/Proposed Features


Providing Relative Levels or Heights Including Coordinate Values

Relative Levels or Heights in terms of a particular datum or reference point are surveyed indoors or outside and final reduced values provided. Coordinate Values can be added where required (X,Y,Z values)


BOMA Or Leaseable Area Survey

Rental Area, Floor Area, or indoor feature Surveys are carried out and Plan Data provided with calculated Area Values.