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Land Surveying

Are you looking for trustworthy land surveying services in Auckland?

Affordable Mobile Surveyors Limited houses a knowledgeable team who have effectively delivered fantastic land surveying for over 35 years. The complex nature of the profession means that we have to respond quickly and precisely to the intricate details of each project, with our experience and problem-solving skills being tested daily. So, look no further than Affordable Mobile Surveyors Limited to facilitate your next project.

After partnering with us, we will attend to your needs on a regular basis, using modern techniques and equipment to ensure our land surveyors are equipped to provide precise data embedded within each report. Our team effectively translates the measurements we collect into a detailed illustration of each land development venue for design and construction project characteristics.

The precision of our data is matched by the final reports and statements from our team. We simplify and communicate our findings expertly to ensure those working on the next stage of your project are well informed and confident when working with our data as a platform for their processes.


Over the past 35 years, our team has gained tremendous experience


Working comfortably with Auckland terrain and building strong relationships with local architects, builders, contractors and engineers. We will partner you with a well-equipped land surveyor, as the team has grown while retaining the values of an intimate group of knowledgeable experienced surveyors.

We maintain pride in working tirelessly to ensure we customise our response to the needs of each client, where both the simplicity of property boundary clarification to complex tasks such as precision set out will be empowered by our surveyors.

We aim to excel at all ranges of land surveying services we are involved with, with our team ready for suitable residential, commercial, industrial, semi-rural and some rural surveying tasks. We maintain the consistent relevance of our skills, understanding contemporary infrastructure needs, and techniques that save you time and money.

While we house staff who have been instrumental in the success of highly responsible projects, we treat every project with the same level of importance, capturing data with speed and close attention to detail for every project size.

Precise and reliable data collection

Our data collection is precise, with our experienced surveyors effortlessly conducting topographical surveys and setting out or identifying property boundaries to facilitate your project’s needs. In addition, we understand the requirements for land development projects, making development on your site simple by giving your team an understanding of the structures and map of your land.

By partnering with us to comprehensively understand your site’s topography and boundaries, your project will be supported by honest, precise data only made possible through advanced technology, equipment, and surveying knowledge. Additionally, our skilled surveyors operate transparently, ensuring we distribute honest and thorough information from our free initial consultation to the final data report.


Friendly team

Our team are committed to contributing to the Auckland region. We have been working in the area for years, being instrumental in the growth of properties and local communities as environmentally conscious members of the surveying profession.

Our service is consistently delivered to all clients with respect and integrity. We are easy to work with, promising excellent results while collaborating with our clients to produce plans and input catered towards your goals.

Cost-effective attention to the personal needs of your project

We understand that speed is valued in our profession, servicing various projects through precision surveys to make New Zealand land ownership and the projects enacted on the land as beneficial as possible.

When you have a development in mind, we understand that land surveying is one of the first tasks carried out, being a speedbump for every project. So, we pair you with survey technicians who offer fast, cost-effective land surveying, which gets your project off to a good start, from a topographical survey to boundary staking, other residential services and more.

Proven track record, servicing Auckland

Working with an extensive range of prominent companies, such as Auckland Council, Auckland International Airport, NZ Transport Authority, numerous private individuals and more, when choosing our team for your land surveying, you will be served by an experienced individual.

We succeed through collaboration.

In expediting Auckland land development projects, we find success through the collaboration between our land surveyors and the client. By delivering data produced through technologically advanced measuring equipment and understanding the needs of every project, we offer a solid platform from which you can build your project. Acknowledging the needs of our clients, we understand the New Zealand surveying system to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our team is eager to help empower your project.

Whether you are curious about our suggestions, technology, and past projects, we are always eager to help Auckland clients with land development projects. So, feel free to call 09 828 8656 or Texting 021 620 453, or use our online system to message us regarding a free quote. Additionally, by emailing our friendly team at ams@landsurvey.co.nz, we can get on board for your next project.