We can help you with the following:

(Our Cadastral Survey work is carried out under the direction of our Licensed Cadastral Surveyor)

 Boundary Survey / Pegs

 Engineeing / Earthworks Volumes Calculations

 Site Survey / Topographical Plan

 Boundary Relocation / Adjustment - only covering cadastral surveying

 Building Setout and Datum

 Proclamation Surveys (SO Plans) - currently unavailable

 Surveyors confirmation for Code Compliance

 Cross-Lease Variations / Re-Surveys - currently unavailable

 BOMA / PMI Rentable Area Survey


 Monitoring Movement

 Existing Road / Streetscape Survey/Mapping

 GPS Survey

 Easement and Land Covenant Surveys - only covering cadastral surveying

 GIS Surveys

 Construction Setout Surveys

 Resource Consent - currently unavailable

 Cross-Lease & Unit Title Survey - currently unavailable

 Subdivisions - Land Transfer Surveys, Section 223 Application (resource consent applications currently unavailable)

 Potential Subdivision Investigation / Feasibility Report - currently  unavailable



Boundary Survey / Pegs Our surveyors will search the existing available survey data and redefine your property by pegging the legal boundary angles of the site. Extra marks or pegs can also be placed along the line of any legal boundary or offset from any boundary line if required. Please consult our survey team to discuss your particular requirements.
Site Survey / Topographical Plan

This could be a comprehensive survey of existing features over and under ground and the countour of the site for Architectural purposes, or, a simple survey tailored for other specific requirements like engineering and construction. The end product will be producing electronic or hard copy plan which will typically show existing buildings, spot heights, ground contours, services, trees, driplines, site boundaries with dimensions and north point orientation. Sample: Site Plan / Topographical Plan, Site Plan 2.

Building Setout and Datum The Designers proposed building plans are required for calculations following which we will visit the site to accurately mark the required positions of the proposed buildings. Usually a Bench Mark is provided on site in terms of the proposed building plans for working out the finished floor level of the proposed buildings.
Surveyors confirmation for Code Compliance Field surveys and calculations are carried out at appropriate stages to check and confirm compliance of Councils Development Control Rules/requirements like Height in Relation to Boundary, Maximum Building Height, Siting/Location, Finished Floor Levels/Datum, Yard Requirements and Impermeable/Permeable Areas.
BOMA / PMI Rentable Area Survey In accordance with BOMA Guidelines accurate survey of suitable areas and buildings are carried out to determine the rentable/leaseable areas of properties.
Monitoring Movement Regular precision surveys are carried out to detect and monitor movements in structures and landforms over a period of time. Survey results are tabulated for comparison and reporting. We mostly use precision genuine 2" Total Station theodolite with electronic and laser measurement features and precision digital level. A combination of other specialised equipment may also be used to achieve the desired results in special cases.

   GPS Survey

GPS Survey Specialised instruments which use radio signals from satellites are used to gather 3D survey results. We use GPS technology mainly on large projects like the Auckland International Airport developments, Regional and Local Council studies on infrustructure improvements.
GIS Surveys Asset Capture Survey which involves 2D or 3D survey of features and services for managing large infrastructure.
Resource Consent Application is made to Council for granting a specific authorisation to allow certain activities to be carried out mainly in regard to the requirements of the Resource Management Act and the Councils District Plan. Land subdivision require a Resource Consent. This service is currently unavailable.

The process of increasing the number of land parcels from existing certificates of title is known as Land Subdivision. Some major boundary adjustments can also be considered as Land Subdivision. Whether one is subdividing a 1000m² section or 100 hectare block of land, the basic process is the same. Sample Plans: Scheme1, Scheme 2, Land Transfer, Title.

Engineering / Earthworks Volumes Calculations Surveys forcused on capturing 2d or 3D data for engineering purposes / Surveys of areas of interest are carried out in different stages to determine areas and volumes of earth moved.

Boundary adjustments can be of a minor or major nature in terms of the Council requirements. The more involved boundary movements between neighbouring properties will be considered as a simplified subdivision by the Council and has to go through the process to register new titles.


This survey involves creating survey plans from executed surveys for land dealings like a Road to be Taken for public works or a Land Acquisition for Crown purposes. Survey information and reports are submitted to LINZ by way of e-surveys for approvals and registration.


  Cross-Lease Variations / Re-Surveys

Cross-Lease Variations / Re-Surveys

Changes to lease and covenant areas are re-surveyed and registered through the Council and Land Information process by way of a Flat Plan. The client's Solicitor will be engaged to complete the required conveyancing for the new title/s which will reflect the new building footprint and exclusive use areas. Sample Plans: Mt Roskill, Glen Eden, Henderson, Parakai.


This is a type of subdivision carried out under the Unit Titles Act to create strata titles for buildings in a development. Unit title plans are completed after surveys are executed. A Registered valuer is engaged to calculate the Unit Entitlements from the plans. Our staff whilst working for other firm have had leading roles in carrying out surveys for the following Unit Title Developments and associated surveys: Complete Unit Title Development of the commercial shopping complex at 451 Te Rakau Drive, The Hub, Botany Downs, Howick; about 60 units Proposed and First Stage residential development at 13-15 Harrison Road, Ellerslie and 105 units Complete Unit Title (residential) Development at 92 Bush Road, Albany.

Currently we are not taking on any new work for Unit Title subdivisions or alterations.

Existing Road / Streetscape Survey / Mapping

This is a survey executed for gaining 3D data of streetscape of urban, semi-rural and rural roads for planning and road improvements/redesigns. Existing topographical and services information are surveyed and digital data is provided usually in AUTOCAD compatible formats.

Some of the existing road surveys completed by us are: 1.6 km of Kiwitahi Road, Helensville; 0.7 km Tristram Avenue, North Shore City; 1.4 km Kyle Road, Greenhithe; 0.6 km Schnapper Roack Road, North Harbour; 0.45 km Wicklan Lane, Greenhithe; 0.5 km Mahurangi East Road, Snells Beach; 0.5 km Centennial Park Road, Wellsford; 0.2 km Hanover Road, Wellsford; 0.1 km Falls Road, Warkworth, 0.25 km of Glen Innes Station - Apirana Avenue/Taniwha Street.

Easement and Land Covenant Surveys

These are surveys required for specific purposes allowing certain rights/restrictions on properties which run in perpetuity or for a period of time, examples: private or utility services, building height restrictions,  bush covenants, changes to restrictive covenant boundaries on cross-leased properties.

Construction Setout Surveys

These are surveys required for specific purposes with particular accuracies like large machinery set out in industrial areas in 2D or 3D and proposed road construction set out.

Cross-Lease Survey

Cross-Lease surveys can be to effect new, 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage surveys or variation to an existing Cross-Lease Plan.

Sample Plans:  Mt Roskill, Glen Eden, Henderson, Parakai.

Potential Subdivision Investigation / Feasibility

Sample Plan 25 Lots Subdivision in Manukau City

This service is currently unavailable.



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